Personal Stylelift (The Whole Shebang)

You want your style to match your stellar personality.  
You got a fancy new job. 
You want to say farewell to the past. 
You hate shopping. 
You are a busy boss that ain’t got time. 
You have an event and you don’t usually attend those. 
You have an event and you attend so many that you just don’t know what to wear next.
Anything in between.
I'm here to help.

For you:

  • A consultation to discuss your current style situation and pinpoint what your needs are.

  • Assessment of your current wardrobe to result in our next steps in reaching your most confidently stylish self.

  • We will create an easy and happy wardrobe with maximum wearability. We can shop together or I can shop for you.

  • An easy-access cheatsheet will be designed to help you remember all of the tricks. (Customized to you in form of video, online lookbook or physical booklet)

  • Minor alterations may be needed for the right fit! Don’t stress, I’ll cover the cost* and we will do the fitting where you are comfortable.

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Refine Your Wardrobe

Do you have pieces of your wardrobe that you love but aren’t sure of how to wear them?

  • I will work with you to find their place and explore their maximum potential. 

  • We will create looks with other items currently in your wardrobe and determine if there’s anything we’ll need to shop for.

Is your closet a place of chaos and anxiety?
Let’s discuss your closet dreams and I will work on bringing them to reality.

  • I will clean and organize your closet contents and create a place of tranquility and bliss.

  • We will determine the most efficient way for you to keep your closet looking confident.

  • I will congregate items discussed or recommended for donation and will take them off of your hands upon your approval.

Quote-based. Please contact for more info.


PWSWSFK (Parents Who Struggle With Shopping For Kids)

Perhaps your child or someone you care for needs a little boost in their wardrobe and you don't know how to help. Sometimes this can be a sensitive topic to take on with that person as they may feel differently. Just take a breath if you're frustrated. I can work with you to strategize how to best approach your loved one and give them the stylelift they need.

Quote-based. Please contact for more info.


Quick Fix

Do you have an upcoming event and wish outfit options would just appear to you?

We will discuss what you'd like in a look and I will put together a few full outfit options for you to try on. I will work with your desires to get you looking and feeling your snazziest from head to toe.



Please contact Savannah to create a personalized styling package for a friend or loved one.