choose any or all of the below!


20-30 mins
talking + listening

Why are we here and what do we want to accomplish?




We sort through your current wardrobe, see what you love, like and hate and figure out why.
I only aim to spread the love.




Let us shop.

  1. I map out shops to hit at a convenient shopping location. Before your arrival clothing will be pulled and prepared in a fitting room.

  2. You meet me for some quality time. Shopping should never be stressful - I'll show you through the process. You'll have fresh full looks and key pieces to work with items you already own.

  3. We'll take what you like and leave what you don't. 

  4. We schedule a fitting session for items that need a better feel.



Let me shop.

  1. We decide on x amount to invest in new pieces.

  2. I hunt and gather for your new wardrobe.

  3. You try on the findings. I can prepare items for alterations (when needed) as we go. We'll put together looks and learn about key pieces to complete looks with items you already own.

  4. You keep what you like and I'll take the rest.
    I will take any clothing to be altered.




Sometimes to get the look you want, you need to get the feel you want. 

You can choose to lengthen our shopping session and I can prepare alterations as we go
I come to you at your earliest convenience for a fitting where you're most comfortable.



Option 1
An online Lookbook shared to your email comprised of photos, style and shopping tips learned through our sessions.

Option 2 
A private youtube link to a video catalogue of styling/shopping tips learned through our sessions.

Option 3
A physical booklet, containing only the information requested for speedy reference.



Complete Personal Stylelift