VIBE: Mid-Winter Playlist

January is a month of many feelings.

I'd like to think my life knows what it's doing all the time. Even if things change or come to an end, these are things I am aware of, and I am accepting of the flow of life.
But when a calendar year comes to an end and another begins, I can't seem to help but reflect wistfully on the past 12 months. 
For some reason I go through a full spectrum of feelings from negative to positive. Feelings of accomplishment, self-doubt, love, joy, approval, shame, wonder, fear, curiosity.. But at the end of it all I think, "alright. That was a lot. What do I do now?".

This playlist reads to that spectrum of feelings, memories and all the way to how I feel now. Which is this - ready for this wonderful, full life of mine.

Please enjoy on shuffle or simply press 'play'.