Why style with Savannah? 

I am a person of honesty and integrity. I am a visual and sonic creator. It's a result of my hard-wiring and experiences.
If you do need to know, I have 10 years of retail experience which includes management, marketing, merchandising and customer service. That just means I've been getting paid to work with clothes ever since I was old enough to shop alone.

L i f e  is  r e a l .  I keep everything I do as personal and natural as possible. I can't do tinder. I am a human, student and teacher of life, so all I can do is live it for myself and those around me. I think that having four photos of myself on my homepage is a little excessive and it's up to you to believe that what is written on this site is true. 
All I want to do is help you feel good doing what you want to do. You'll just happen to look damn good at the same time.